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The thirteen protesters who were arrested during their heroic non-violent sit-in during the City Council budget vote on Tuesday have been released after pleading guilty to one count each of disorderly conduct.

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Also, please join us next Saturday, July 9, 6:30PM for a PARTY to honor the Bloombergville attorneys, who contributed their legal services, and also Picture The Homeless, who guided the setup of our encampment and helped us keep it legal and viable for more than two weeks! The party will be at the Solidarity Center, 55 W. 17th St., Fifth Floor.

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Bloombergville – June 28, 2011

Democracy Now! – 13 Activists Arrested In Bloombergville Budget Cut Protest

At 7:30PM Tuesday night, June 28, as City Council was scheduled to vote on the budget deal, about 100 residents marched from Bloombergville down Broadway to protest at City Hall.

As the protesters reached City Hall, a disruption squad of 13 entered the City Council office building at 250 Broadway, across the street. Chanting “Stop the Vote! Stop the Vote! We have a right to be here!” they sat down in the lobby, locking their arms together to block the entrance from inside.

When word of the action spread, protesters broke off from City Hall and hurried across Broadway to the City Council building. Inside the building, police began separating the protesters and arresting them. Shouting “Let Them Go!” and “They say cut back, we say fight back!” protesters outside surged forward to block the entrance, preventing police from taking the group out the main doors.

As police started bringing the sit-in protesters out a side entrance instead, they were met by more Bloombergville protesters, calling “Let Them Go!” and surrounding the two police vans they were being loaded into and keeping them from being driven off. Police and protesters chased each other for two blocks, stopping the vans and being pushed back so they could keep going.

Protests continued into the night at 250 Broadway and then at the Emigrant Bank Building, 49-51 Chambers Street, where the vote was scheduled to be held around midnight. In the end, the vote on the budget was postponed until Wednesday.

Protests continue today.

Democracy Now! – NYC Activists Fight Budget Cuts By Camping in Front of City Hall

**** ACTION REQUIRED: Tell Your City Council Member to NOT VOTE on Bloomberg Budget ****


Our goal is to stop Bloomberg’s proposed budget from passing the City Council. We need to educate, agitate and pressure our city council members NOT to vote for this budget between now and June 29th! Join us any time of the day or night.



CALL your council member and urge them to commit NOT to vote for this budget!

DEMAND your council member issue a public statement that they will NOT vote for this Budget. New Yorkers need strong leadership from the city council members who oppose Bloomberg’s budget.

ATTEND city council committee hearings to voice your opposition to Bloomberg’s budget. Council committee hearings are open to the public, and are held daily between now and when the budget will be voted on, mostly at 250 Broadway (at Murray St. across from City Hall). Get the full calendar of city council committee meetings here:

COME DOWN to Bloombergville for whatever time you can spare. Attend our public assembly meetings and the RALLIES!

SUPPORT Bloombergville by bringing water, food, and FLYER PRINTOUTS for the folks there (see “Things the Public Can Do Now” flyer on left).

JOIN our email list to stay in touch, and help build a positive counter balance that supports New York communities, not the wealthy!

CALL/WRITE your local news to cover Bloombergville!

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Location: Broadway and Park Place (WEST side of Broadway… across the street from City Hall Park)

Check the following sites for updates on our location:

Twitter: #bloombergville
Email: To join our email list.


Endorsed by:
Organizations: Bail Out the People Movement, Community Voices Heard, Democracia Real Ya, Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Party, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, Organization for a Free Society, Our Schools NYC, Picture the Homeless, Social Workers for a Free CUNY, Solidarity Center, South Bronx Community Congress,, Fifth Avenue Committee (Brooklyn), Education Activist Network
Individuals: Noam Chomsky (MIT), Arun Grupta (Indypendent), Michael Albert (Z Media), Stanley Aronowitz (CUNY Graduate Center), Frances Fox Piven (CUNY Graduate Center), Kevin Zeese, Sara Burke (SI4RBS organizer), Mark Bergfeld (Education Activist Network), Christopher Rude (Union for Radical Political Economics Steering Committee), David Harvey (CUNY Graduate Center), Mimi Abramovitz (Hunter College School of Social Work, CUNY), Councilman Charles Barron (New York City Council), M. Ndigo Washington (The Healing Drum Collective)

**** ACTION REQUIRED: Protest City Council Final Budget Vote Meeting! ****

Tuesday, June 28, 7 PM


Outside City Council Budget Vote

Assemble at 7 PM at Bloombergville

June 28 is the date currently scheduled for the City Council to vote on the budget. Let’s make our voices heard at this important event! Meet at Bloombergville at  7 PM, march to Emigrant Savings Bank Building (49 Chambers St.) at 7:30 PM.