Bloombergville Info

1. Updates
2. Info for People Sleeping Overnight
3. Things the Public Can Do To Support Bloombergville NOW
4. Bloombergville Declaration

1. Updates

For updates on our activities, check on the right side of our home page. Also, check

2. Info for People Sleeping Overnight

Things to bring to Bloombergville:

Highly Recommended
Sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blanket
Change of clothes
Water bottle
Cell phone charger
Toothbrush and toothpaste

Folding chair(s)
Sign/banner/art materials
Acoustic musical instruments
Music or books
Playing cards or other games
Cooler and cold packs

We will provide:
Pizza for 100 the first night
Central support space at Coalition for the Homeless (129 Fulton Street) with:
• 24/7 bathroom access
• Space to store your stuff during the day (if necessary)
• Water bottle refilling
• Cell phone recharging
Map of local restaurants, delis and public bathrooms
Day-old bagels and bread from local bakery for breakfast
Gallon jugs of water

Do not bring to Bloombergville:
These things are illegal to have in a public space:
Tents or other “structures”, spray paint, drugs, alcohol, weapons

3. Things the Public Can Do To Support Bloombergville NOW

Our goal is to stop Bloomberg’s proposed budget from passing the City Council. We need to educate, agitate and pressure our city council members NOT to vote for this budget between now and June 29th! Join us any time of the day or night.


CALL your council member and urge them to commit NOT to vote for this budget!

DEMAND your council member issue a public statement that they will NOT vote for this budget. New Yorkers need strong leadership from the city council members who oppose Bloomberg’s budget.

ATTEND city council committee hearings to voice your opposition to Bloomberg’s budget. Council committee hearings are open to the public, and are held daily between now and when the budget will be voted on, mostly at 250 Broadway (at Murray St. across from City Hall). Get the full calendar of city council committee meetings here:

COME DOWN to Bloombergville for whatever time you can spare. Attend our public assembly meetings and the RALLIES!

SUPPORT Bloombergville by bringing water, food, and FLYER PRINTOUTS for the folks there (see “Things the Public Can Do Now” flyer on left).

JOIN our email list to stay in touch, and help build a positive counter balance that supports New York communities, not the wealthy!

CALL / WRITE your local media to cover Bloombergville!

TELL your friends, neighbors, co-workers!  Change your Facebook profile photo to one of the images on our homepage (on left).


Location: Broadway and Park Place at the Woolworth Building (WEST side of Broadway… across the street from City Hall Park)

Check the following sites for updates on our location:

Twitter: #bloombergville
Email: To join our email list. contact


Endorsed by (list in formation): Bail Out the People Movement, Community Voices Heard, Democracia Real Ya, Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Party, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, Organization for a Free Society, Our Schools NYC, Picture the Homeless, Social Workers for a Free CUNY, Solidarity Center, South Bronx Community Congress

4. Bloombergville Declaration

On June 21, residents of Bloombergville and its supporters drafted a declaration of purpose and beliefs:


We stand with all those struggling against austerity around the world.

We are in active solidarity with those refusing any and all cuts when solutions to deficits are clearly available. The solution demands a reorientation of the fundamental priorities of our countries. We reject our money going to war, tax breaks for the rich, and subsides to banks.

No library should close. No teacher or worker laid off. No tuition raised. No fire station closed. No unaffordable housing. And no social services ended.

By increasing taxes on the wealthy and ending the wars and occupations the US engages in, we could help those most affected by the budget cuts: working people, people of color, women, students, the homeless, among others. The solution is clear, and will only come from collective struggle.

Bloombergville is an encampment to intensify and strengthen the struggle against austerity in New York City. It is a site of struggle and a community of resistance. We have drawn our inspiration from similar actions around the world, and we hope to inspire others.

So long as austerity is on the agenda, we will be on the streets!

– Residents and supporters of Bloombergville


3 Responses

  1. There should not be any cuts when corporate cheats pay zero taxes. Even Fox News is calling these scum “unpatriotic.” They will hide their money off shore, but why shouldn’t they be prevented from selling their cheap overseas junk here. Throw the bums out.

  2. A New Scientist series of articles about Steady-state-economics, the myth of trickle down, and more.
    A must read for all protesters.

  3. The struggle goes on in Alabama. Its become an economic disparity where rents and utilities are too high for normal people to pay, thereby, keeping the rich separate and poor people trapped in raggedy places owned by the rich and neglected. Thank G-d, Almighty, for people who are concerned enough to take our hands and lead us out of quiet misery into the marvelous light of freedom. Hoping for a new way of living swell that most can afford. Bless you.

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