LIVE video footage of OCCUPY WALL ST


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    Thank you for teh move. I’m a first time participant. I have been trying to fight corruption in economy and finance for many years. I like to be part of your organization. and i like to add this first profound demand.
    1- All students loans have to be interest free (zero interest) loans, the government has to charge only loan service fee for documentation, collection, and other related services.. Services fees not to exceed 1 % annually of the loan value.

    2- The government prints the money and gives the money to students.

    3- The loans should not be subsidizes which means the source of the loans should not be from the lenders where the government pays the interests to the lenders on behalf of the students.

    4- All students who have students loans from the past with interest the government should pay off their loans immediately to the lenders and carry their loans interests free as of the above.

    5- All students have to be qualified for interest’s free loans regardless of their income, or family income high or low. Their credit as long s they have proof that they are studying and the money is for education.

    6- Loans should be available for all sorts of educations.

    7- Students to pay their loans after getting hired

    same as above for home loans.

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