Solidarity from University of Wisconsin AFSCME President

Stand strong in Bloombergville. From Walkerville to Bloombergville we will start today to build new communities in America where the people, not the corporations govern. Continue to love one another, stay together. We here in Wisconsin stand with you in Solidarity and in Love. Power to the People. The people united will never be defeated.

From Walkerville to Bloombergville, the demands of justice by the people  will be seen, heard, and tasted. With so many foreign countries calling  for freedom and democracy, how can America and Americans turn a deaf  ear to the pleas of their citizens to that which is suppose to be native  to our country. Are we bringing third world conditions to our country  and exporting democracy outside our country. What a strange twist. Our  jobs and now our democracy.

We however, will not be moved, we will fight. No matter how high  the mountain that we must climb, we will climb it. We will climb it because all of our senses tell us it is right. We will climb mountains and tackle the opponents of democracy because we love the people of our country and the world .

In Solidarity
Gilbert Johnson
President, AFSCME Local 82
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


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