Bloombergville Continues!

Come to Speakout/Rally Against Budget Cuts Wednesday at 7pm

And Another Night of Sleeping Out at Bloombergville After

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The first night of Bloombergville was great! After it stopped raining (and the cops started harassing us), we moved across the street and set up camp on Centre Street east of City Hall. There are around 100 of us here, the weather is perfect and it’s been an exciting, inspiring night.

But we’re not done! Some of us will be staying here during the day to maintain the encampment and we will be re-assembling in full force at 7 pm to have a speakout rally and another night of sleeping out and protesting the budget cuts. We need your help to make it even bigger and better! The Rude Mechanical Orchestra will be here and will provide some musical entertainment for us. Even if you can’t sleep over, come down for the rally, tell your friends and help us build the struggle against budget cuts! Follow us on this site and also at


2 Responses

  1. Going to work now but will be back at 7 pm for speak out rally and Rude Mechanical Orchestra. I love those guys!

  2. Scenes from move-in day at Bloombergville @ City Hall available at: Come join the sleep-out! Photos by Marina Ortiz.

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