We’re not leaving until Bloomberg’s budget is dead! Join us for “Bloombergville”:

Sleep Out, Speak Up and Fight Back against Budget Cuts!

They cut taxes for the rich—then slash public services because “there’s no money”!

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Beginning Tuesday, June 14 at 7:00 pm

Centre Street between Chambers St. and Spruce St. (east side of City Hall) immediately after the DC 37 rally

Bloomberg’s budget is killing New York! To stop his teacher firings, firehouse closings, and cuts to libraries, daycare, CUNY and more, we’re going to be sleeping outside City Hall and protesting to make our voices heard for as long as it takes. Join us any time of the day or night. For updates on what we’re doing, follow us at:

Twitter: #bloombergville
Email: To join our email list, contact

Important note: Bloombergville will be a legal protest. Following a 2000 court case filed by Picture the Homeless, the city conceded that protesters have a First Amendment right to sleep on the street as part of a protest. Picture the Homeless will be leading our tactical team and making sure that the police respect our right to do so and that no arrests take place. They have done sleepouts many times before and no one has ever been arrested.

Make Big Banks and Millionaires Pay!

Endorsed by (list in formation): Bail Out the People Movement, Coalition for the Homeless, Community Voices Heard, Democracia Real Ya, Democratic Socialists of America, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, Organization for a Free Society, Our Schools NYC, Picture the Homeless, Social Workers for a Free CUNY, Solidarity, South Bronx Community Congress


7 Responses

  1. […] Hall rally endorsed by several unions including DC 37 and the UFT, sponsored by the Beyond May 12 coalition for “Bloombergville”:Tuesday, June 14 at 4:30 at City Hall: Centre Street between Chambers and Spruce […]

  2. I wish your organization would get serious and organize around the idea of significant change. Don’t just show up for a legal protest camp-out stamped and approved by the mayors office. Kick the mayor out. Start preaching self-government! The working-class doesn’t need Bloomberg’s permission or funding to educate themselves and support one another. Don’t wait for the revolution, create it. Your reform protest might be fun, and it might even get you in the news for a few minutes or so, but ultimately, even if you win, poor and working people of NYC are still under the heel of the ruling elite. In a way, you legitimate his power when you say to Bloomberg “please sir, I want some more.”

  3. […] what is being done? Well they – and even Workers’ World Party – will be doing Bloomberville …they push forward an economist campaign as imperialist war is reigned upon the people of […]

  4. Following up on my previous post:

    So far, this protest has been mostly an act of civil OBEDIENCE. Protest leaders complied with a police demand to move the protest to an area they consider “public property”. Protest leaders have complied with a police demand prohibiting chalk markings on City Hall. Protest leaders have also complied with the police demand that drumming and noise-making cease at 10pm. I was not aware that protesting meant “do whatever the mayors soldiers tell you”. This must be some new tactic I’m unaware of. Come on fellow protestors… I’m begging you to make me wrong. The whole nation is waiting for us to start taking this movement seriously.

  5. Zonnie, I would love to come visit you in your revolutionized, truly self-governed land. Please send the directions to Bloombergville, where I and many others will be sleeping on the street until we see a budget that doesn’t throw the people under the bus.

    • Haha, nice jab. I have no desire to get nasty or spiteful.The “self-governed land” isn’t around yet, that’s the point. I’m trying to get some people interested in creating it. Working people can start whenever they like. They already have the power, but they need movements like yours to inspire them to create actual change, not to beg the mayor for a little bigger slice of the pie. Call me a cynic, but I honestly believe his class will never willingly sacrifice their power to benefit our class. I’m sorry you’re upset that I pointed out the reasons why it is so easy for those in power to ignore your action (or inaction). Honestly, I would love to begin work with you, or any of your group(s) on direct action campaigns aimed at workers self-emancipation, if you actually have interest in that goal. Please let me know, you can contact me anytime at

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